We are just a few days away from gluing our bottoms to the chair clinching our fists and grinding our teeth. Sounds like a romantic evening with a new person from a dating site, doesn’t it? 

Im not one to talk politics or religion because well, it gets people fired up and truthfully years ago I was asked to leave a relatives home for my opinion. That was fun. (Sarcastic) I bet you could only imagine how that went over. 

The Cintons are like Lucky charms. They are magically delicious. Everyone looks at them with sparkles in their eyes and everyone that I know of still would love nothing more then to re-elect Bill Clinton. Let’s be honest, unless you’re blind, he’s still very charming. Hence, his wife comes along with the bigger picture. She’s is far from stupid. Don’t ever take that woman for granted, you’ll be sorry. 

The mainstream media is having a hay day with this on both sides. However, I do not intuitively feel she will be indicted. If she is so be it. Things will disappear once again and the nonsense will continue. 

In my opinion, which may not matter, she will float right into November 8th. Of course my opinion means I’m tuning into all this from the immense amount of energy around it all. 

Did you early vote yet? I did. No, I’m not telling you who I colored in for President. I thought about putting my own name in. Common, you’ve all thought the same. This is the craziest election in history. My phone rings non stop with painted adds. “Vote for.. Click”! It’s so disrupting. I guess that do not call list was misunderstood. 

In closing I wish our Country would knock it all off, we look rather silly. 



Michelle Caporale is a Certified Psychic and Medium. She holds a degree in Metaphysics. Michelle holds private sessions in her office and via phone. She also holds local events, group gatherings and private parties. She is a contributing author for Tampa Bay Wellness. Michelle is also known as the Comical Medium. She uses laughter and joy to bring forth those that have passed and provide honest answers to your most personal, pressing questions. 




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