The Presedential Race is becoming a circus as if you haven’t noticed.

I do hear Hillary Clinton being the first female President. She is a strong woman who will not stand down. I do not share my political beliefs but she will win. The United States is looking for a change but I do feel too many people are afraid to cast a vote for Trump. I also see Trump as having many attempts put on his life and safety. He needs to have the best security possible.

You will see another oil spill before this year has ended. I keep seeing this in the East. I’m praying it’s minor but any pollution is a hit to our very fragile world.

This is a year for horrible storms that will continue. The waters are warm, the storms will brew. Louisiana may take another hit, it wouldn’t be as bad as Katrina but they are coming on my radar. Be prepared. (Update 8/13/16- Historical Floods in LA as well as other parts of the U.S.) 

More Government scandals will surface before this election is decided. The mainstream media will be exposed for fabricating stories and I see this as being clear as a bell. You will see top names in media being taken down. It’s time we open our eyes and stop being sheeple. (Update 8/13/16 – The MSM is being caught with infringed photos regarding events for Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. More suspicion and scandals around the Clinton Campaign) 11/8/16 – If you don’t know about all the Government scandals this election, I don’t know where you’ve been. It was awful and will continue. 

States that are voting on medical marajuana will be legalized. The US  Govt. has hands in this for tax purposes. Many Cancers will be treated more holistically and cured. Update: Medical Marajuana has passed in Florida)Civil rights will not be ignored as people push forward and demand equality.

You will begin to see more unity among peaceful organizations.

Religious figures will be exposed for wrong doings and corruptions but this will open many people’s eyes so they can unite under a more spiritual umbrella. I am hearing the Vatican having trouble with higher up officials. This will cause chaos.

Do not invest in overseas companies. Not this year. (Update 8/13/16 Overseas companies are having difficulty with the market as well as some countries have filed bankruptcy.) 

I will add more as I hear, see and feel it.

I ask that you lift your hearts in prayer with me so we can be the change we wish to see in this world.


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