Spirit Messages and Hauntings 12/9 7-8:30p.m.

This is an open Event with limited Seating. 

December 9th 7-8:30 pm. Palm Harbor Location (Friday) 

Join us for an evening of messages from your loved ones. How do they connect with you? Can you see and feel the signs? What do they need to say now that they are in spirit? 

What is the difference between Hauntings and those we love that have passed? 

Bring a friend, grab a cup of coffee and sit comfortably while we delve deeper as messages are passed along. 

  • Seating is limited. Please contact 727-804-5958 to reserve your seats. 

Each person will be given a number and at the end of the evening if your number is called you will be given a gift. 

Tickets are 15.00 in advance. Seating cannot be held, first come first serve. 




Spirit Messages and Hauntings. 12/9 7-8:30pm

Friday December 9th 7-8:30 pm Palm Harbor Office. 

Join us for an evening of Messages from Spirt. There is always something you need to know and will want to hear it. Let’s delve deeper and understand the difference between messages from loved one’s and Hauntings. 

So many people ask me what is the difference? Join me for refreshments and an informative evening. Grab some coffee and a seat. Bring a friend and pick a number to win a free gift that evening. 

Seating is very limited. Reserve in advance. 

$15.00 per person. This must be booked and paid for to save a spot. 

For information and reservations and directions please contact: 727-804-5958